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Sophie Hudson has just released her 2nd book, Home is Where My People Are, and I'm thrilled to have her on the podcast to share about it! Mostly, she and I laugh for 30 minutes because that's what you do when you talk to Sophie.  She's as funny and Southern as they come and has been one of my favorite bloggers for the past 7 years. This is her memoir of home, the people and places where she found love and belonging. Her book is almost as wonderful as spending a few hours with her on the front porch with some sweet tea—you'll laugh just as much and be sad when your visit is over.  I love her like a sister and know you'll love her too.

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For so long I have searched for happiness, contentment, and meaning in all the wrong places.  I think I've finally figured out the secret to a joyful life—living it for others. In part 7 of this 7 part series on Creating the Life You Love, we get to the climax, where we discuss the ways in which we can begin to live our days in service of others and in doing so, find the life we've always dreamed of!

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Summer is a great time to talk about our need for rest.  We live crazy busy lives and often don't realize the toll it's taking on us until it's too late.  I hope this episode on rest will encourage you to make time for activities that fill you up instead of deplete you.  Learn to live your life with more margin for your health and well being and for the sake of those you love the most.  I address physical, mental, and spiritual rest and give some practical tips on making space in your life for the things you love.

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Gratitude is God's gift to you—The key to gratitude is not in our giving thanks.  It is a gift from God that He first bestows on you in Baptism and continues to nurture in you through His word and the Lord's Supper.  The word itself means undeserved favor, so even in the very meaning of the word, we see that this is not something we can do.  It is a gift from God that we can receive and in faith cultivate by partaking of His gifts.


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I think this will be different than almost anything you could listen to on this subject.  I hope you'll give this episode a listen because these may be some of the most encouraging words I've ever spoken.  This is not a guilt trip.  This is not a  list of what you should be doing as a believer.  This is for those of us who never seem to measure up to our own ideal of spirituality.  This is a reset button for your struggles and your doubts in your faith life.  We will delve into the life of faith as a life of reception, a life of prayer, and a life of paradox.

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Beauty is not an afterthought with God.  It is essential to everything He is and does.  He doesn't not create things merely for function but fills this universe with reckless and extravant beauty.  This is manifest most of all as He gives His son over to die for our redemption.  The essence of beauty is giving.  We, too, are creatures in whom He has placed an essence of beauty and we live fully when we learn to share that gift, that beauty, lavishly with the world.  We must learn to love what is beautiful, aligning ourselves with His truth.  I give practical examples for living with more beauty in our world, in our homes, and in ourselves.  

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There are so many reasons to pursue a lifelong love of learning but some of the most important are that it cultivates virtue, curiosity, and empathy.  It strengthens our ability to think for ourselves amid a world of chaos and distraction.  I give 5 practical tips for starting a reading plan and reference several good resources for books every one should read.  The most important reason for this pursuit of learning is so that we can better love and serve those around us!

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Episode One is the beginning of a series called The Life You Love Manifesto—A 7 Step Journey Toward Joy.  In this episode, we explore a Life of Calling, in all its ramifications.  We discuss the 2 key elements of calling and the magic that happens in your life when you learn to live where your passions intersect with your neighbor's need, giving you a job to do and someone to do it for.  We discuss clues to calling, along with how living for others is the key to joy and contentment.  

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